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Na enkele blogs werd het hier wat stil, maar nu ik met permacultuur begonnen ben en mijn ouders een vakantiehuisje gaan beginnen, is dat het ideale moment om terug wat te beginnen bloggen. Dan kan er tenminste wat nuttigs vertelt worden.Wat ik vanavond gegeten heb, kan je misschien op facebook vinden, maar ik vrees zelfs daar niet ;)

In the beginning

Permacultuur probeerselsPosted by Tyrr Mon, January 14, 2013 20:08:10
Regelmatig vragen mensen (ook online, op forums) hoe ik er bij kwam om met permacultuur te beginnen. De meeste permacultuur forums zijn voor zover ik weet in het Engels, dus ga ik het hier in het Engels proberen neer te zetten. Misschien interessant voor wie er zelf mee begint, of voor mezelf om over een paar jaar eens terug te kijken waar ik vandaan kom.

Alright, so, How did I met Permaculture? And what are plans for the near future? (dd 2013-01-14)

Must have been May-June 2012, I was on Erasmus with the MEG's in Freiburg (Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg). Parties are very nice, but if you go out every evening, studies are not going well, your bank account gets plundered in high speed etc.
So I did not go out every evening, and what do you do when you are in your WG (Whon Gemeinschaft or Living Community/appartment) sitting in your room?
So, by loging in, you get this suggestions. Maybe not the best things in terms of privacy etc, but great to discover things. And that's how I dicovered 'A farm for the future', the first in a long row of videos I watched during the folowing weeks. I had already started with some herbs in pots on our balkony.

When I returned home, I had seen some things, got new inspiration to do something with a meadow that was laying just next door without realy being used. And that's what I'm doing now. As I have plenty of other occupations, the gardening is not going very fast, but I'm still living at my parents place, so nothing is in a hurry.

At this moment, the main windbreak is nearing completion. The freezing wheater prevents me from doing anything now, but I expect to have 2 more months before the growing season really kicks in again.

The compost heap has a place, but I still have to work on this to get it up and running at high speed which is not easy if you have only a limited resource of plant waste.

When it stops freezing, I will also start moving a roof from a neighbouring primary school to the garden to be used as a shed (they say it's trash, I think it will make a great shed/greenhouse/chickenhouse. Once that is in place and the chickens are moved there, the veggie gardens can be constructed. This, I will do, or at least try, in Key hole gardens. We have a very well draining soil, so from the moment it stops raining, the water just runs away into the soil. There is not enough organic mather to keep it in the upper layers and by constructing a lasagna garden, the Guinea Pigs can roam freely between them keeping weeds at bay and producing meat.

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