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Na enkele blogs werd het hier wat stil, maar nu ik met permacultuur begonnen ben en mijn ouders een vakantiehuisje gaan beginnen, is dat het ideale moment om terug wat te beginnen bloggen. Dan kan er tenminste wat nuttigs vertelt worden.Wat ik vanavond gegeten heb, kan je misschien op facebook vinden, maar ik vrees zelfs daar niet ;)

Rocket stove from a milk can

Permacultuur probeerselsPosted by Tyrr Wed, January 23, 2013 23:30:34
I have been looking arround for some time to build myself a Rocket Stove (RS) and a rocket mass heater (RMH).
The RS project has started today!

I'll show you some pictures from the different steps I take to build it.
I started with an old milk can I found in the old shed which was on the ground my parents bought a few years ago.

Here you can see the can. It's on a piece of wood to show it to you out of the snow.

In this can, I cut a hole in which the pipe will fit. I used an angle grinder to cut it out. It's not perfectly smooth, but that doesn't really matte as long as the pipe sits in well without to much space arround.
Once you have this hole, you take of the cap of the can (if you didn't do that before) and insert the elbow from the top thrue the hole so it sticks out a few cm.
On top of the elbow, you mount a piece of chimney pipe that comes to the top of the can. This is your chimney.

Arround the chimney, you have to fill in with an insulating substance. I used a mix of ashes and sand. I will keep collecting more ashes from our stove indoors because that's a better insullator than sand, but sand is still much better than free moving air.

I hope to be able to finish it during the weekend or early next week when the snow is gone and working outside without much fysical activity is more of pleasure.

I did burn it already today to start drying the sand, but it will require a lot more time before it will be really rocketing. I also have to find a 'shelve' for the feed tube. Using a tin plate seems a bad idea, I now have some tin blocks. But this also learns me I can use it to smelt tin :)

Apart from the shelve, the exhaust has to be trimmed horizontal zo a coocking pot can sit easy on it. I put the water/ice from the choocks over it today, holding it with one hand and resting it on the pipe. Even this quarter of a pot over the pipe was enough to melt the ice within a minute or two.

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